Securities and Exchange Commission
March 10, 2004

SEC Roundtable on Proxy Voting Issues - March 10, 2004

Since 2004, the SEC has hosted several public Roundtables on shareholder communications and proxy voting issues.  The first Roundtable was held on March 10, 2004, to review the SEC's proposal to permit shareholders to nominate corporate directors.  The last panel, Panel Six, discussed the impact of this SEC proposal on the proxy voting system.

The SEC issued a press release on February 9, 2004, announcing this Roundtable:

The SEC staff drafted a briefing paper on its proposed rules relating to shareholder nominations of corporate directors:

A press release with the names of the panelists was issued on March 8, 2004:

The agenda for the Roundtable held on March 10, 2004:

A transcript (unofficial) of the Roundtable discussion is available here:

An archived video of the Roundtable discussion is available here:

In July 2003, the SEC released a staff report evaluating the proxy process regarding the nomination and election of corporate directors:

The October 2003 proposal by the SEC regarding shareholder nominations of corporate directors is available here:

The public comment file for this rulemaking can be accessed here:

On March 5, 2004, the SEC released a summary of the public comments on this rule proposal: